Big Time Rush + James Maslow
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James singing ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen! 

Moments In-Between Chapter 3: T is for Trees, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction


Fan of both Victorious and Big Time Rush
Then you should totally read my friend askjadewest-posts fan fiction about Jade West and James Diamond .. her stories are by far the best I’ve ever read, and this one is no different. 

Once you’ve read that.. read through her other BTR and Victorious Crossovers, too!  

Don’t forget to review her stories also, she enjoys reading those and will reply to reviews, too!

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jamesmaslow will be playing the handsome bad ass character in Seeds Of Yesterday the movie he&#8217;s currently filming for in Canada. The Name of his character is Bart Dollanganger. It will be super fun to see him in this type of role.


Help JAMES to win! 

Liam Payne has got NOTHING on this fine piece of ass!

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Yes jamesmaslow

We want this, so bad.

Who else agree’s that jamesmaslow ‘s follows on twitter are the hardest thing to gain?

Lately he’s been randomly following one or two people who dish out the lamest attention grabbing tweet to him, ever.

Plus; He’s never consistent while doing a so called 'Follow Spree' either.
He’ll say - “Going to follow some of you" - and then when everyone tweets him to get a follow, he goes off line, What the fuck? 

Then he’ll randomly re-appear 5 hours later and follow a bunch of newbie fans. When half of the people who were the most excited would be in bed. 

It’s about time he did his follow spree’s fair like Carlos and Kendall. 

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